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Strategy and passion….

PdR Infra Advisory was created in 2017 to build on over 20 years of experience in the development, preparation, procurement and execution of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the healthcare sector across the world. Our passion is to leverage the experience of that interface between the public and private sectors in order to improve health care infrastructure and services in Emerging Markets and Low Income Countries.

PdR Infra Advisory is a boutique consulting practice focusing on strategic and transactional support to both public and private sectors in our target countries. We aim to assist our clients across the full project development cycle – from concept to realisation.

We work with Governments, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), Foundations and NGOs to deliver much needed investment into health care systems across emerging countries.

We develop tailormade solutions for each engagement, based on tried and tested methodologies and on the specific requirements of you, our client. We identify and select experienced associates when needed to ensure our clients get access to the best possible advice and expertise.

Paul da Rita
Founder & Principal

PdR Infra Advisory was founded by Paul da Rita. Having just returned to the UK after 3 years in Washington DC as Global Head of Health PPP Advisory at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Paul soon realised that if he wanted to follow his two passions of health and emerging markets, he would need to create the environment that allowed him to do that. Going back into a corporate role would mean compromising on that…..and PdR Infra Advisory was born!

Paul has over 35 years experience of working across the health sector (including 17 years of working in England’s NHS) with more than 25 years focussing on Health PPPs globally. He has worked at senior levels across a range of organisations and is widely recognised as one of the pre-eminent global experts on Health PPPs.

Paul specialises across the PPP project development cycle with particular expertise in strategy and project inception and development, public sector capacity building, structuring and procuring of PPP projects involving infrastructure and/or services, commercial and financial negotiations, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, value for money assessments, and procurement strategy and bid evaluation.

He has led teams in some of the largest, most complex and innovative Health PPPs around the world – from the largest project for the New Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, to the most complex project in the UK for Barts NHS Trust and the innovative project in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Paul has worked in and overseen health projects in many Emerging Markets including India, Brazil, Myanmar, Philippines, Mexico, Lesotho, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Romania, Chile and Columbia to name a few.

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