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Philippines General Hospital (PGH) – Diliman

Advising the University of Philippines on the PGH Diliman PPP project to build a green field Hospital under local PPP regulations on the University’s Diliman site. PdR Infra Advisory is supporting PwC on this important project, where Paul da Rita is acting as Team Leader for the advisory mandate. The  mandate includes taking the project from inception, through Feasibility Study development and approval and subsequently into a procurement process, culminating in a successful tender and contract finalisation.

Brazil – Primary Care PPP scoping study

Acting as international Health PPP expert on a early stage study as a consultant to IFC, to assess and propose suitable PPP models that might be deployed to solve a number of critical primary care issues across a number of Municipalities in Brazil. The study includes a diagnosis of the issues affecting primary care services in Brazil, a review of PPP models that have been deployed around the world that have been applied to primary care, the development of models specifically for the Brazilian context, and developing criteria by which Municipalities could be chosen to participate in pilot projects.

Strategic Advisor to ADB – Bangladesh Health PPPs

Appointed by the Office of PPP (OPPP) at ADB to act as strategic advisor in developing and testing a number of potential health PPPs in Bangladesh. The role included developing a strategy for Health PPPs in the country - initially with a focus on Diagnostics and Dialysis PPPs, developing Terms of Reference for the appointment of technical advisers for each of the projects and provide quality control of consultants.  Support to ADB team in developing and delivering workshops and meetings with government as necessary.

EBRD – Healthcare interventions in response to Covid-19

Appointed by EBRD to develop interventions in Health in response to the pandemic, to support ongoing interventions already in development and to provide strategic support to countries of operation as well as to the PPP policy team at EBRD. Identify specific interventions, develop resource and time plans and support internal approvals processes as required. Intervention support included providing technical support to the EBRD team negotiating a substantial loan to Turkey for the provision of emergency medical equipment in response to the pandemic. The engagement also includes support to active projects in Kazakhstan and Romania.

Global Financing Facility (GFF) – Health PPP advisor

Strategic PPP advisor to the GFF private sector lead, leading engagement with member country governments on developing and implementing PPPs in the health sector, supporting specific country activities and engaging with the wider World Bank teams. Specific activities have included development of training material on Health PPPs in Ethiopia and early diagnostic work on suitable PPPs in Myanmar

Clinton Health Access Initiative – Africa Health Diagnostics Platform

Appointed to support CHAI on this important initiative to design, structure and finance Lab projects across a number of countries in Africa through PPP. The engagement includes advice on structuring, contract design, procurement, risk mitigation and financing of these projects. It involves working closely with CHAI’s country teams as well as HQ team. The project also now includes a second tranche of countries as part of a EIB funded follow-on project.

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